Realtime Activity Display

Click "View the visualization" to see the graphic of the wireless 911 calls as they arrived shortly after the earth quake at 5:37am on Friday April 18, 2008.

The graph on the following page shows the wireless 911 calls and the public safety answering point (PSAP) that received the call. The graph will scroll quickly through starting at 5:35 am and slow to a near real time display at 5:44 am. Each dot on the graph to the right is a wireless 911 call depicted during the minute that it was received at the PSAP. The dots on the map, plots the location of the PSAPs that received the calls.

The INdigital Realtime Activity Display shows 911 emergency calls from cell phones in Indiana in realtime as they happen, and presents them on a map and timeline.

INdigital's system automatically routes 911 emergency calls from cell phones to their correct call center (Public Safety Answering Point, or PSAP) in each county, providing the wireless network infrastructure for the entire state.

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This map was built by Stamen Design.




The map displays the locations of both WE9-1-1 calls and the centers to which the calls are routed.



At the start, the visualization plays back 100 calls at high speed to provide context and history. Once these calls have played back, the system settles into realtime mode, and displays live 911 calls as they happen. Each call is indicated with an audible click, a highlight on the county where the call has been routed to and a marker dot on the timeline.